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spankie: biography

Spankie Valentine.

She came from nothing. From modest beginnings. An outsider who threw herself into music. She lives on stage, because it called her. IT factor? She is IT.

Lover of the underdog, she is the voice for the outcasts. Those who have nothing but their dreams, and make them happen. Admired by the populars. The bridge to the gap. Not afraid to laugh, not too shy to cry, and ready to leave it all on the floor.

And one thing is for sure, you must see her live. Period. She is being called the Female version of early Prince, meets mainstream pop, with an addictive twist. VH1 rated her on the Hottest Artists list, and her intensely devoted music/fashion social fans, and over 28,000,000 (28 million) social video views make it easy to see why.

Spankie Valentine is the artistic mix of pop / social culture, fashion, performance, and bold personality mashed together in music, on stage, radio, video and print. She is the complete, all-around recording artist, who lives to entertain the masses, and be the voice that encourages her fans, her Champs, to embrace who they are proudly.


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